Young Kano

Christopher “Tha Real Young Kano” Russell, was born September 10,1991 on the southside streets of Austin, Texas. He began his passion for music at the age of 10, just freestyling off the top of his head and learning rhyming and storytelling.

970619_10200341537728547_315641196_nHis mother moved the family down to Louisiana in 1997. This is where he found his niche and began the process of his success in making music. He began battle rapping against other local Artist in and became undefeated. He moved to Thibodaux, Louisiana in 2003 and kept his school first while still maintaining his love for Hip Hop. He began writing songs at the age of 14 about his life with experiences and some other things people would relate to. He knew in his heart that he understood that real hip hop took creativity, so he created S.S.G., which stood for “Southern Slang Gang”. It is a movement based off of real hip hop/rap in the south with unity and positive energy.

Tha Real Young Kano is a poet, producer, songwriter, and speaker to the younger generation. He is a role model and is very grateful for everyone that loves his music. Tha Real Young Kano has released over a dozen mixtapes and counting. On March 26, 2013 Tha Real Young Kano released his highly anticipated Ghetto City 3, which was a success.


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