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From the streets of Newark, NJ, to a nice lil’ spot in South Jersey (Willingboro), I honed my skills in middle school and high school by writing and producing music for the few people in my town that were really trying to perfect their craft. In 2003, me and a few serious business men took our music endeavors public, with the first public studio in the area, “Koldworld Studios”.

After 3 years of learning more about production, engineering, marketing and business strategies, I branched out to start my own company. After years of preparation and the process of weeding out “bad apples”, I finally settled down and started working on the label, “Allworld Music Group”. Partnering with another music mogul in the making, Glenn “Blackface” Loveless, I was able to focus more on my artistry and not as much on the business of this industry. This lead me to put out Allworld Music Group’s 1st release, “Let ‘em Breath”, a compilation of talented young emcee’s and producers under the AMG umbrella.


With the ball rolling on the label, I was able to release 4 more promotional mixtapes, “Streetz iz Talkin” 1,2,and 3, and the latest mixtape (in stores and online now), “Raw the Rapper” to lead up to AMG’s (Allworld Media Groups) 2nd studio album release, set to drop sometime in 2012.

1779452_675063175849788_1468664743_nMeanwhile, still pursuing my music career, my partner (Glenn “Blackface” Loveless) and I decided to open another public studio (Axis Studio’s) with a more professional, sophisticated atmosphere to work and service the customer. After establishing a steady place to record and a team of in-house producers, promoters, and videographers, I began to build the “TRADEMARK RAW” brand. Going viral in 2009, I took hard to many music and blog sites. I was busy trying to building my internet presence and fan base.

Along the way, I’ve lost a lot of bad associates and gained a lot of good associates by weeding out the bad apples. As of now, I’m looking for a good management team (A-Team, Groundbreakers Mgt.) and I’m trying to get more visuals (videos) for my catalog. Progress is the key!!! For me and the team, 2012 is going to be a good year with good music, good videos, and good business!!!!!!



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