I was going to write my very first article on music and how it affects the Autistic mind but, I
figured I should make my first article a little more personal and meaningful. So, instead, I thought I would tell you a little about myself! So please let me introduce myself, my name is Sara Boo (in my G Shock voice lol!).  I am a singer/songwriter originally from the UK, but now residing in the beautiful state of Hawaii. Some would call it beautiful anyway; I just call it not home!

I long for the rolling green fields of my homeland along with the smoke filled studios I used to record my lyrical masterpieces in many, many moons ago. I grew up in the city of Leicester, which is in the north of England, an industrial city and a huge melting pot of many differing cultures and races. My passion for music started at a pretty early age. I grew up in an area where I was the minority, and most of my early influences in music were Reggae artists such as Bob Marley, Dennis Brown and Aswad, to name a few. I would sit for hours in my bedroom recording “demo tapes” on my old record player using the "B" side of my 12 inch records, which were usually instrumentals of the "A" side, and then one day I ingeniously figured out that if I went into the bathroom with my record player and tape recorder and closed the door I could almost create a studio effect!

I “COULD HAVE BEEN” a phenomenal artist, the Amy Winehouse of the early 80’s, who happened to become a dear friend of mine years later (I will save that for future articles), but I blew it!! I did carry on recording and writing through the years, but a 25 year battle with drugs and alcohol ensued and never really allowed me to get anywhere with it. I gigged in small venues and bars up until a couple of years ago when I fell out of a moving vehicle after a really bad performance here in Hawaii, and actually broke the Sacrum in my back leaving me with a chronic health condition, which pretty much ended my gigging career. In hindsight, this was probably one of the best things that could have happened, as it woke me up and got me clean and sober! I am now in my 25th month of sobriety, so something good actually did come out of a really bad, potentially life threatening situation. Another great thing that came out of my sobriety was going back to school and becoming a Special Education teacher, specializing in music and play therapy for children with learning disabilities. I had to keep that music vibe going somewhere! I also spend my time as a writer working on my autobiography, “Born Broken”, which I am hoping to get published in the next few months and also a book of spoken word poetry, which I am currently still working on.

I spend many hours thinking about the “woulda, coulda, shoulda” aspect of my very colorful, and at times, dangerous life and wonder what would have happened had I made it through those doors on that grey, rainy day, back in London 29 years ago. I wanted so bad to be a successful recording artist but, I guess it just wasn’t meant to be…I guess my message to young artists coming into this very diverse, crazy at times, industry would be to never give up on your dreams. And, if you get the chance to walk through someone’s door, don’t blow it like I did! Never give up on your dreams. They are within your reach. Anything is possible…if you want it bad enough. Reach for the stars, aim high and never end up with “woulda, coulda, shoulda” being part of your vocabulary!

I thank you for taking the time out of your busy day to spend a few moments with me and I look forward to writing many more articles for

Always and Ever so Boo xx



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