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“S.I.P.” is a rising hip-hop artist from Pittsburgh, PA. People often ask where the name “S.I.P.” comes from. Its a line in an Immortal Technique song that states, “but I’ll never lose hope, success is psychological “. This line deeply inspired “S.I.P.” to begin writing hip hop lyrics. “Success Is Psychological” really spoke to S.I.P. as an artist, for his views on what success means are unlike those of most modern day recording artists.

S.I.P. started writing his lyrics in 2011 as a fun and creative way to voice his thoughts on life. After just a short while, S.I.P. linked up with another MC by the name of Young Masta and started a group called “Da Spliff Kids”, but after realizing that they both were growing as solo MC’s, they decided that it was best to focus solely on their solo careers. In 2011, S.I.P. linked up with a his past producer of the label he would then sign to, later in 2011.

In January 2012 S.I.P. moved from his hometown of Pittsburgh, PA to Oceanside, CA to begin work with his new record label. In July of 2012 S.I.P. then left the record label after realizing that he wanted more out of his career, and moved back home in August.

S.I.P. is currently working on his first Free Album titled “The Hometown Kid”, along with various promotional projects. Along side with the album, S.I.P. is also working on a product endorsement with the shoe company “Vans” for a certain style of shoe. S.I.P. also does graphic arts, motion graphics, special effects, videography and photography as well. As 2014 approaches, S.I.P. has plans to start touring and performing in different areas all over the world which will help establish a name for this exceptional artist opening up other avenues for the entertainer other than just hip-hop music.


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