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Born in Indiana, but now repping VA, she is quickly showing she is a force to be reckoned with. She’s got a genre to captivate any type of listener. What she wants to do is let them know that it’s alright to struggle or fall, what’s not ok is to let it keep you down. Rising above all else and believing in what you’re doing is what her lyrics convey. They’re filled with pain, struggle and determination; and she as an artist and songwriter is giving you something you can relate to. When asked what made her get into music she responds, “I do music ‘cause it’s my passion and a release for me. The songs I write, they’re real life experiences I go through or have went through.


I’m not here to sugarcoat and paint pretty pictures, cause it’s not what I see or go through. I’m filled with pain and determination and will stop at nothing to make sure what I’m trying to reach is accomplished. I’m not gonna be your average female hip-hop artist, I’m not gonna be in this industry to be a sex symbol. I’m gonna be in this industry to sell records and get respect like when Queen Latifah and MC Lyte was in the game. Take a Listen to the songs and you’ll see what my fight is for and my story is about. -Pome


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