One Dream Zero Distraction

1D:0D Concept

At 1D:0D, our concept is simple, One Dream Zero Distraction, stay focused. Follow your passion. Remember what’s important. Always move forward. Giving up is not an option.


1D:0D Mission Statement

To provide Athletes and Entertainers an environment that supports the pursuit of mental, emotional, social, and financial excellence on and off the field or on stage, and to provide Athletes and Entertainers the tools and strategies needed for daily dream growth, goal success, and positive daily achievement in pursuit of their career and life goals.


1016785_596496147038070_1362934244_n1D:0D Services

Career and Post Career Management

Branding and Media Management

Sponsorship Management

Continuing Education Assistance

Nutrition, Strength and Conditioning (Both mental and physical)

Philanthropic Management

Legal Assistance

Financial Assistance

Corporate and Personal Security (Armed and Unarmed)


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