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MrKiLL3Richard Dogostiano, better known as Mr.KiLL to his fellow artists, was born in the Bronx and lived there until the age of 12.  His life then took him down to Florida in that summer of 1992.  It was there that he would begin his love for Hip Hop.  He was widely known for his skills to freestyle (“off the top”) in many scenarios and crowds no matter the size or pressure.  It wasn’t until he moved to Rockland County, NY in 1997 that he began writing.  Though his reputation for real freestyles still followed him and flourished, he really worked hard at becoming a great songwriter.  At this very moment he is working on material that is sure to shock many with the versatility and pure delivery.  He is absolutely emerging as a very unique force that the music industry must look out for.  He embraces and showcases the drive, focus and determination for his craft that goes unseen in many others.  When it comes to performances, it’s obvious that he is a very polished MC and knows how to work a stage with ease.  He has dominated many showcases in the NY/NJ area for many years now.  But with every artist or human being to say the least, there comes times when music isn’t the #1 priority.  Well, that is no longer the case for Mr.KiLL.!  He is more than ready to show the entertainment world what he is capable of..!

Without knowing him, you can tell this is a man on KILLa mission, with or without a team.  There is not much that he doesn’t do when it comes to him directing his own career.  His skills include graphic design, website design, video editing, engineering, recording and many others he might decide to add to his arsenal.  Within minutes of meeting him you will see that he possesses the personality, charisma and as he says the “Million Dollar Smile” needed to gather fans from all walks of life.  He stated a few times that he is “the coolest cat on the planet”, and I certainly felt that vibe the entire time.  I could go on and on about the many classics I heard during the listening sessions.  A listening session in which he played songs that actually taught me valuable lessons.  The crafty wordplay that he uses makes you feel like you’re part of the song the minute it comes on.  Needless to say, I know I was in the presence of a true artist that really appreciates music.

HardWorkMr.KiLL has a new project called “I Deserve It” which is sure to prove that the title is a great part of his essence.  “I Deserve It” is set to be released on Oct. 31st 2012.  The song that shocked me most was “What About Bob.?” In it he is acknowledging corporate America in a whole new light, I could easily see the video as every word came out.  Just pay attention and follow this man, he truly deserves every bit of your ear for the next 20 years..(Inside joke) Stay tuned people..!!!

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