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Profile Pic - 2The young artist, Exqwizite, was raised in the beautiful state of Florida. In Florida, as a toddler, is where her love of music and the arts transpired.

Being blessed with a personality that allowed her to be straightforward and strong willed, Exqwizite always had enough drive and willpower to succeed in anything she set her mind out to do. But on the flip side, her personality is probably also one of the coolest things about her. Exqwizite has always loved to write. It served as an escape from the chaotic lifestyle she was raised in. She always had a love for poetry and literature. The need to be something great and to succeed by any means has always been present in her life.

Somewhere down the line, Exqwizite was blessed to cross paths with one of the most influential people in her life, Sir Dutchie. After that, the rest was history. It’s undeniable the great things these two will do in the future. No one can succeed all alone. Everyone needs someone to build an empire with.

Exqwizite has performed at countless locations due to Dutchie’s tip-top managing skills. Her mixtape, “The Resurrection”, is officially set to debut on 11-12-13. “I’m hoping people will at least give it a listen and get something from it.”

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Manager, Sir Dutchie: 561 843-9150


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