Dis D Phlo – Phloetry In Motion Episode 1 “Off N The Club”

D_PhloD Phlo, a relatively new face in the Tampa Bay hip-hop scene was discovered by independent record label Money Makin Muzik in the year 2012. Accompanied by CEO and multi-platinum artist Lil Zane, his breakout single “Smokin’ on dat loud” started in Ybor city’s club Skye as a new artist during a show with the label. Given the opportunity to perform he stepped to the stage and the streets took to it. The dramatic impact it had on his career ensued more performances, concerts, and local radio interviews throughout south Florida.

As an 8 year old living in Clearwater, FL,  he started playing guitar, having a natural knack for music. By the age of 12 he was doing live performances and had so much passion for music he taught others. At the age of 13, with influences like Tupac and Nas, D Phlo began writing his own music. A natural talent for playing guitar applied to Hip Hop, allowed D Phlo to develop a unique style of his own. By the age of 16 he was making his own music and started his path to becoming the artist he is today.

At the end of 2009, D Phlo’s mom passed away from cancer. He quoted, “It was the hardest time of my life,” and after all the pain and frustration settled, D Phlo put all of his passion into his music career. He wrote, then recorded his hit song, “My Struggle”, with his brother, Soulja P, and got an immediate response from his fans. He continued to make new music, raising the bar every song, and linked up with singer Shawty and made his first single “Bounce For Me.” After performing it at shows in the Tampa Bay area, the song got some buzz and he met multi-platinum selling artist Lil Zane.


After meeting Lil Zane they quickly began making music together. After just months of working together, they recorded the song “Smoking On That Loud”, which became the next single D Phlo dropped. The song was released followed by the “My Struggle” Mixtape which included collaborations with Lil Zane, Shawty, Dj Trans, Soulja P, Stoney, and others. The single got a significant response in the club and on social media networks which fueled a big release for the mixtape “My Struggle.”

He is currently working on another mixtape set for release in 2014 and is about to release a new single called “Pocket Watchin” featuring Lil Zane and Shawty, available on ITunes Soon.


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